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Brooke Marie Hyland 💋


Mackenzie Frances Ziegler 💋


hair color swap - blonde > pink ombré


All I want in the world is for Chloe to have all the happiness in life that she rightfully deserves


IF they show what really happened in its entirety, your heart will break for Chloe at the end of part 2 of the finale!!!!

Already breaking thinking about what that bitch could’ve done to that little girl.

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I’m trying not to cry

halyconmaddie Asked:
Hey Jo Anne! What are your opinions on Abby's behavior at nationals! Abby mocked Chloe's eye (which is fine by the way), took Ava's jacket off her back, and kept on letting her ego get in the way! Is she usually always this bad?

My answer:


She also made fun of Alyssa Chi’s mom’s accent!  She is not a nice person!!!